The Health benefits of honey 🍯

Honey has for a long time been used as both a food and a remedy. Honey is rich in plant compounds and provides different benefits for health. Opting for honey is particularly healthy when you use it to replace refined sugar which is much more caloric. Discover the main benefits of honey for your overall health!

Honey contains plant compounds

Even if honey doesn’t contain any fiber, fat or protein, honey is rich in bioactive plant compounds.

Rich in antioxidants

High-quality honey contains important antioxidants such as organic acids and phenolic compounds (flavonoids). These antioxidants reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and even some type of cancer.

Honey is better than sugar, especially for diabetics

Some studies have shown that honey could reduce the risk of heart diseases for people with diabetes. However, honey can increase blood sugar levels.

May reduce blood pressure

May improve heart health

Among the other benefits of honey, we can also mention that antioxidants in honey are good for your heart.

Helps Improve Cholesterol

Honey seems to have a positive impact on cholesterol levels. It allows reducing “bad” cholesterol while increasing the “good” cholesterol”.

Promotes healing for burns and wounds

Honey can also be great to treat burns, wounds and other skin problems.