Which group class should you choose?

Before choosing your group class, it is important to define your fitness goals in order to find the perfect class to complete your goals!

Do you want to lose weight? To build muscle? Or maybe to be faster and stronger? Luckily, most gyms are offering a variety of funny group classes! But which one is the right for you? Of course, the best is to try every class and then decide which one you prefer, but you can also think in terms of goals. This article will help you define which class will help you to complete your fitness goal!

Your goal is weight loss

Good news: most classes are good options for weight loss! The best is to opt for a class that involves both cardio (to keep your heart rate elevated during all the class) and weight lifting. Cardio will help you burn more calories and weight lifting will help you build muscle which can give to your skin a more toned effect.

You can choose a class like “Total Body Toning” or “TRX”. Pilates is also a good option and maybe better at the beginning to enter into the fitness world. Other good options could be “Zumba”, “Kickboxing”, “GAP” or “Ab attack” class.

Your goal is strength and flexibility

If you want to get stronger and be bendy at the same time, it is possible! Most weight lifting classes can help you to complete this goal. But don’t forget to get heavier weights to see a progression. Yoga class is also an excellent way to work on your body strength, flexibility, and balance.

Your goal is to improve performance

If you want to have better results (running a marathon, increasing running speed etc), focus on Interval Training classes such as HIIT class or cycling class. They are great to push yourself and go beyond your limits.

But the most important: Have fun moving!