When the weather gets warmer and the daylight lasts longer the stuffy gym becomes more and more unappealing.

Springtime weather is also a sign that bikini season is right around the corner so skipping your gym session won’t get you any closer to reaching your health or fitness goals.

By working out in the open air you can still skip the gym and get an effective total-body workout at the same time. We asked some of our colleagues to share some of their favorite obstacles to workout and burn a decent amount of calories outside.

Guide for the perfect park exercises

  1. Benches
    Perfect obstacle for doing jump squats, single leg squats, lunges, incline- or decline push ups, triceps dips en hip raises. A bench workout just has is all.
  1. Rocks
    Rocks serve as a great tool for core and shoulder strength. You can lift the rock above your head and do a overhead press. Just make sure the weight is right and you can have a good grip on the rock! Wear gloves in case the rock is wet. Another exercise you can perform is rock throwing. Grab a heavy rock and throw it sideways as far a you can. This will work your leg muscles, shoulders but above all your biceps and obliques.healthy lifestyle BeYou Wellness coach
  1. Trees
    Trees a good for tree climbing. This discipline will work out your whole body and uses different muscle groups for going up and coming down. You don’t need a high tree to climb it. Pick one that is just high enough to challenge you to get onto the first branches and come down again. Legs, back, arms and abs plus a decent amount of coordination are required. Trees can also be used for pull ups.
  1. Horizontal bars or branches
    If you want to really challenge your body you can hit the bars. The bars are mainly used for pull ups and muscle ups. In case you are a beginner you can start with biceps pull ups (hands in supine position facing you) and pull up your body weight from the floor.In case you are not strong enough yet (and believe me your will be strong if you practice long enough) you can grab the bar, jump up and hold yourself whilst slowing coming down. This eccentric way of working the muscles will give beginners and advanced who are not used to doing pull ups a decent amount of muscle ache.

Working out in the open air is both refreshing and fun and can be a great variation of going to the gym. In case you have any questions regarding outdoor training or safety please don’t hesitate to your fitness coach!

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Enjoy your workout!

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