Many people shy away from working out at home. Among the reasons, most of you are mentioning the fact to have not enough space to workout, the lack of motivation or the fact that you always have something else to do at home (and too many distractions).

But there’s a reason at-home workouts are booming right now—most of them are cost-effective and require hardly any equipment and space. Gone are the days of pricey memberships and jumbo gyms being your only option to get a sweat in (thank goodness). Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to build yourself a mini gym, even if you have little to no space. All you need are a few pieces of worth-it workout equipment to take your at-home workout to the next level. In particular, you need some high-quality resistance bands and a set of dumbbells.

In order to avoid any type of distraction, choose a closed space in your apartment (unlock the door if needed). It’s your moment and it is important that your flatmates/husband/children/parents/friends understand that you can’t be disturbed during your workout. You can also listen to music while working out to be more motivated (a study has shown that listening to music while exercising could improve performance).

Buy resistance bands

Most of the time, resistance brands are underrated but they really worth the purchase if you want a stellar workout. For one, they take up virtually no space in your apartment. Moreover, you can use them for tons of different exercises that target any part of your body. Resistance bands also come in a variety of resistance levels—the thicker and more difficult to stretch, the higher the resistance–which means you can tailor your workout to your current fitness level and move on to thicker bands as you build your strength.

How to use them?

For example, try adding some resistance to your squats by positioning the band just above your kneecaps. To do the lateral band walk, put the band at mid-shin, getting into a squat, and then sidestep one foot at a time to the right like you’re walking sideways. Feel that burn in your glute?

Invest in dumbbells

Strength training is important for longevity, weight loss, better sleep and provides lots of health benefits. This is why investing in a pair of dumbbells is a smart move. If you don’t have space for two, totally fine, you can still do a lot with one. You can do cleans, overhead presses, squats, Romanian deadlifts or use them for squats and lunges.

With these tools, you can have an effective workout from the comfort of your home.